• A Rossi
  • Angelo Rossi
  • Carlos H. Brandt
  • Luca Penasa
  • Patrizia Pozzobon
  • Riccardo Pozzobon

GMAP (Geologic MApping of Planetary bodies) is a part of the Europlanet 2024 Research Infrastructure, together with other VA (Virtual Access) activities.

GMAP integrates partners and outputs from two projects previously funded by the EU through Horizon 2020 (UPWARDS and PLANMAP) to deliver tools and services for geological mapping of any Solar System body.

The infrastructure created through GMAP will support future European missions in developing orbital acquisition strategies, rover deployment and traverses, and human exploration programmes.

To date, only USGS has provided planetary geological maps on a regular basis and no other permanent infrastructure in the world supports and integrates these valuable products with new innovations (e.g. georesource maps, stratigraphic maps, 3D geomodels).

GMAP aims at building infrastructure for Europe, to cover any aspect of geological mapping of any Solar System body, and support robotic and human exploration