Provenance in Practice - ASOV meeting



Mathieu Servillat (LUTH, Observatoire de Paris - CNRS)

The objective of this meeting is to bring together the ASOV community and beyond to exchange on the needs expressed and solutions proposed to manage provenance information in the astronomy domain.

Provenance in practice has been discussed within the ESCAPE European project (with a dedicated workshop [1]), and at the last ADASS and IVOA conferences (see e.g. [2]). Building on prototype implementations, a full provenance management system has been designed [3]. For simpler use, the concept of last-step provenance was also recently proposed to make provenance easier to adopt.

We plan to have presentations on the morning of Tuesday 14, so that participants express their needs and solutions (under consideration or in place) with regard to provenance. Tuesday afternoon, we will have a discussion on identified common solutions, and demonstrations of some existing tools (voprov, OPUS, logprov, ...). On Wednesday 15 morning, we plan to specify the necessary VO standards or notes, and potential further developments required.

Here are some topics that may be addressed during the meeting :

  • Existing and considered provenance recommendations at IVOA
    • Data models
    • Simplified views of the data model (last-step provenance)
    • Access protocols (ProvSAP, ProvTAP)
    • Serializations
  • Use cases for the capture and the use of provenance information
    • Inputs from ESCAPE partners
    • Finding the right granularity for the capture
    • Connections with workflows
  • Demo of implemented tools (voprov, ProvSAP, ProvTAP, logprov...)
  • Towards a full provenance management system


Collaborative notes:

Ice-breaker document:


  • Benjamin Mampaey
  • Catherine Boisson
  • François Bonnarel
  • Gilles Landais
  • Jean-Marc Petit
  • Jesus Salgado
  • Jose Enrique Ruiz
  • Mathieu Servillat
  • Michèle Sanguillon
  • Mireille Louys
  • Nicolas Bruot
  • Patrick Maeght
  • Pierre Cristofari
  • Stéphane Erard
  • Veronique Delouille