7-11 February 2022
UTC timezone
The final timetable and contribution list for the event is still under construction and will be published soon.

Scientific Programme

The school will provide the tools and base knowledge to start mapping on a planetary body. For this goal, the participants will have to opportunity to follow different kinds of activity, with different levels of engagement.

  • Practical Demonstration

    Practical demonstrations will help participants familiarize with topics, methods or tools relevant to geological mapping.

  • Group Activity

    During groups activity, the participants will be subdivided into smaller groups to practice geological mapping on the Moon, Mercury and Mars. Each group will be led by a different instructor giving them the opportunity to better interact with the teachers.

  • Frontal Lecture

    Frontal lectures are seminal activities that will introduce relevant topics to the participants.

  • Seminar

    Seminars by invited experts on relevant topics encountered during the day activities