Oct 19 – 22, 2020
UTC timezone

Overview of CDPP activities in space physics

Oct 21, 2020, 1:20 PM


Nicolas Andre (IRAP, OMP, CNRS, UPS, CNES)


The French Plasma Physics Data Centre (CDPP, http://cdpp.eu/) initially established by CNES and CNRS aims to providing access to local and remote data, designing and building science driven analysis tools for observational data as well as results from models and numerical simulations. Other tools like the Propagation Tool or 3DView allow users to put their data in context and interconnect with other databases and tools through interoperability. This presentation will briefly summarize all CDPP activities targeting in particular those related to current and future missions like Bepicolombo, JUICE, and Solar Orbiter.

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Primary authors

Nicolas Andre (IRAP, OMP, CNRS, UPS, CNES) Vincent Génot (IRAP, OMP, CNRS, UPS, CNES) Christian Jacquey (IRAP, OMP, CNRS, UPS, CNES) Myriam Bouchemit (IRAP, OMP, CNRS, UPS, CNES) Elena Budnik (IRAP, OMP, CNRS, UPS, CNES) Quentin Brzustowski (IRAP, OMP, CNRS, UPS, CNES) Frédéric Pitout (IRAP, OMP, CNRS, UPS, CNES) Alexis Rouillard (IRAP, OMP, CNRS, UPS, CNES) Illya Plotnikov (IRAP, OMP, CNRS, UPS, CNES) Elena Budnik (Noveltis) Nicolas Dufourg (CNES) Daniele Boucon (CNES) Joelle Durand (CNES) Dominique Heulet (CNES) Michel Gangloff (IRAP, OMP, CNRS, UPS, CNES) Baptiste Cecconi (Observatoire de PAris)

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