Simulating the evolution and emission of relativistic outflows

Salle de Conférence du Château

Salle de Conférence du Château

Observatoire de Paris, Site de Meudon 5 place Jules Janssen 92195 Meudon, France
Andreas Zech, Catherine Boisson, Cyril Tasse (GEPI), Hélène Sol (LUTH , OBSPM), Mathieu Servillat, Stefano Gabici (APC), Zakaria Meliani

Relativistic jets and outflows are astrophysical phenomena that occur at very different spatial scales in various sources linked to high-energy emission, such as AGN, GRBs, X-ray binaries and micro-quasars, as well as pulsars. 

The goal of this workshop is to get together experts on the physics of relativistic jets in Galactic and extragalactic objects in France and their associates, to compare our approaches and to reinforce exchanges between the different groups. The workshop will include a few presentations on the currently available observational data and will be primarily focusing on numerical modelling of the evolution of jets and their emission.

This workshop is partly financed by the Centre International d'Ateliers Scientifiques (CIAS) at the Observatoire de Paris. Relativistic jets represent of course a central research topic for the future Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) and the workshop has also received partial funding by the Action Fédératrice CTA at the Observatoire de Paris.



  • Andreas Zech
  • Anton Dmytriiev
  • Arthur Charlet
  • Benjamin Crinquand
  • Benoit Cerutti
  • Bruno Khelifi
  • Catherine Boisson
  • Christophe Sauty
  • Cyril Tasse
  • Fabien Casse
  • Frederic Vincent
  • Frédéric Daigne
  • Gabriel Emery
  • Gaëtan Fichet de Clairfontaine
  • Gilles Henri
  • Guillaume Dubus
  • Gustavo Rodriguez-Coira
  • Helene Sol
  • Jean-Philippe Lenain
  • Julien Malzac
  • Jérôme Guilet
  • Loïc Chantry
  • Martin Lemoine
  • Mathieu Servillat
  • Matteo Bugli
  • Matteo Cerruti
  • Olivier Hervet
  • Pierre-Olivier Petrucci
  • Raphaël Duque
  • Renaud Belmont
  • Susanna Vergani
  • Sébastien Lambert
  • Zakaria Meliani
  • Zeljka Bosnjak