RTC4AO4 : workshop on real-time control for adaptive optics (4th edition)

Salle du conseil (Observatoire de Paris)

Salle du conseil

Observatoire de Paris

Alastair Basden (University of Durham), Arnaud Sevin, Carlos Correia, Cyril Petit, Damien Gratadour, François Rigaut (ANU), Gaetano Sivo (Gemini Observatory), Luis Fernando Rodriguez Ramos (IAC), Malcolm Smith (NRC), Marcos Suarez Valles (ESO), laura schreiber (INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Bologna)

At the core of extreme scale telescopes operations is adaptive optics (AO) which requires the control, at the millisecond rate, of deformable mirrors with thousands of degrees of freedom. This is the role of the real-time controller (RTC), one of the core component of any AO module. To ensure adequate turbulence compensation, hence the stability of the system, the RTC computation time must be deterministic at the level of tens of microseconds, and the latency in data transfers between the sensors, the computing cores and the deformable optics should be minimal. To build this critical component of the telescope operations, the astronomical community is facing technical challenges, emerging from the combination of high data transfer bandwidth, low latency and high throughput requirements. Meeting the specifications of these real-time multi-sensors data-intensive computing facilities, to be installed on a remote site and to be operated continuously over several years, involves addressing three strategic topics in high performance computing systems design:

  • optimize the balance between processors performance, memory capacity and data access between sensors, compute nodes and storage, with deterministic performance
  • design and implement efficient computing schemes addressing the concurrency and locality challenges
  • build modular, scalable and resilient systems


While the final design phase of ELTs instruments design is starting, this dedicated workshop, as a follow-up to the Durham 2011, ESO Garching 2012 and the Paris early 2016 AO RTC workshops, aims at gathering the community around topics such as (but not limited to):

  • computation hardware present and future
  • platforms including real-time and non real-time
  • software implementation and optimization of real-time control / supervision algorithms
  • software standards and middleware
  • RTC hardware and software co-design to maximize performance and stability
  • interfaces to cameras, deformable mirrors and internal network interconnect
  • user interface and system operation
  • performance assessment and system testing
  • system engineering / current status of present / future instruments

Sponsored by the CIAS of Observatoire de Paris.

Invited speakers :

  • Enrico Marchetti (ESO)
  • Pierre Kestener (CEA / Maison de la Simulation)
  • Hatem Ltaief (ECRC, KAUST)
  • Philippe Thierry (Intel)
  • François Courteille (NVIDIA)
  • Laurent Vanel (IBM)
  • Roberto Biasi (Microgate)
  • ...


  • Arnaud Sevin
  • Bogdan Jeram
  • Caroline Kulcsar
  • David Barr
  • David Jenkins
  • Edward Younger
  • Florian Ferreira
  • Gaetano Sivo
  • James Osborn
  • Jean-tristan Buey
  • Jose Marco de la Rosa
  • Julien Bernard
  • laura schreiber
  • Laurent Jolissaint
  • Lazar Staykov
  • Malcolm Smith
  • Matthew Townson
  • Mirsad Sarajlic
  • Nicolas Doucet
  • Nigel Dipper
  • Noelia Martínez
  • Norma Hurtado
  • raphaël galicher
  • Reeves Andrew
  • Roderick Dembet
  • Sebastien Durand
  • Sylvain Rousseau
  • Thomas Bertram
  • Urban Bitenc
    • Welcome
      Convener: Damien Gratadour
    • 1
      High Performance Linear Algebra
      Speaker: Dr Hatem Ltaief (KAUST)
    • Simulations
      • 2
        COMPASS status update and new developments
        Speaker: Florian Ferreira (LESIA, Observatoire de Paris)
      • 3
        Real-time Simulation for Adaptive Optics Real-time Control System Development
        Speaker: Andrew Reeves (University of Durham)
      • 4
        Simulations of using a Laser Guide Star to measure the wavefront in the context of optical communications.
        Speaker: Mrs Noelia Martínez (Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC))
      • 5
        AO simulations for pyramid wavefront sensing on the e-elt
        Speaker: Sebastien Durand (LESIA, Observatoire de Paris)
    • 6
      What's new @Intel
      Speaker: Mr Philippe Thierry (INTEL)
    • Current and future AO systems
      • 7
        The NFIRAOS Real-Time Controller
        Speaker: Mr Malcolm Smith (NRC)
      • 8
        Scientific requirements and dimensioning for the MICADO MAORY-SCAO RTC
        Speaker: Mr Arnaud Sevin (LESIA / Observatoire de Paris)
      • 3:25 PM
        Coffee break
      • 9
        The RTC for METIS SCAO
        Speaker: Dr Thomas Bertram (Max-Planck-Institute for Astronomy, Heidelberg)
      • 10
        Status update on the Green Flash project
        Speaker: Damien Gratadour
    • General discussion: Future AO RTC
      Convener: Mr Arnaud Sevin (LESIA / Observatoire de Paris)
    • 11
      Performance portability in High Performance Computing
      Speaker: Mr Pierre Kestener (CEA / Maison de la Simulation)
    • New Algorithms
      • 12
        Parallelization of an LQG TT controller for the GeMS RTC
        Speaker: Prof. Caroline Kulcsar (Institut d'Optique Graduate School)
      • 13
        On-sky tests of CuReD and HWR (fast wavefront reconstructors) with CANARY
        Speaker: Urban Bitenc (University of Durham)
      • 11:25 AM
        Coffee break
      • 14
        Efficient supervision strategies for tomographic AO systems on the E-ELT
        Speaker: Nicolas Doucet (LESIA, Observatoire de Paris)
      • 15
        Atmospheric characterisation with AO telemetry for RTC optimisation
        Speaker: Dr James Osborn (University of Durham)
    • 16
      Lessons Learnt from SPARTA, an operational perspective
      Speaker: Mr Marcos Suarez Valles (ESO)
    • 21
      What's new @IBM
      Speaker: Laurent Vanel (IBM)
    • General discussion: HPC techniques for AO RTC
      Convener: Mr Arnaud Sevin (LESIA / Observatoire de Paris)
    • 22
      What's new @ NVIDIA
      Speaker: Mr François Courteille (NVIDIA)
    • 25
      FPGA solutions for AO RTC
      Speaker: Dr Roberto Biasi (Microgate)
    • New components
      • 26
        Suitability of ALPAO deformable mirrors for open-loop control
        Speaker: Urban Bitenc (Research Associate)
    • General discussion: Closure of the meeting
      Convener: Damien Gratadour